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Table: Hospital discharges of mental disorders patients (absolute values) by age class and gender
Reference population
Since 1995 the Ministry of Health has established the Hospital Discharge Data (SDO), which collects the main information for each patient discharged from public and private nursing homes. It also includes the dead and, since 1998, the births while the stillbirths are not included. The SDO refers to hospital discharge, i.e. the number of events and not to the number of people discharged (an individual may be hospitalized several times during the year). The survey is total and therefore forms the basis for richer information is currently available at national level, for an analysis of the phenomenon of disability from a health perspective. The use of the information provided by the SDO is based on a selection of debilitating diseases, or diseases that can be considered the origin of the disability, for example mental illness and congenital malformations.