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Chosen features
Selection of objects
Remove the object:  a.2 Persons by severity of  limitations in activities people usually do (percentage values)
a.2 Persons by severity of limitations in activities people usually do (percentage values)
Units of analysis and classifications
Remove the classification: Severity of limitations
Severity of limitations
  • Object
    • Close node a. Persone con disabilitàa. Persons with disabilities
    • Close node b. Assistenza sanitaria e socialeb. Health and social care
      • Open node AttivitàActivities
    • Close node d. Famiglied. Households
      • Open node Caratteristiche del nucleo familiareHousehold socio-democraphic characteristics
    • Close node e. Istruzione e integrazione scolasticae. Education and scholastic integration
      • Open node Livello di istruzioneEducational level
    • Close node f. Lavoro e occupazionef. Work and employment
      • Open node Condizione professionaleEmplyoment status
    • Close node g. Saluteg. Health
      • Open node Difficoltà nelle attività domesticheDifficulty in household activities
      • Open node Difficoltà nella cura della propria personaDifficulty in personal care
      • Open node Condizioni di saluteHealth conditions
      • Open node Salute mentaleMental Health
      • Open node Limitazioni funzionali fisiche e sensorialiPhysical and sensory functional limitations
    • Close node h. Vita socialeh. Social life
      • Open node Tempo liberoLeisure time
      • Open node Livello di soddisfazioneLevel of satisfaction
      • Open node Partecipazione socialeSocial Participation
      • Open node Uso dei servizi Use of services
    • Close node i. Trasportoi. Transport
      • Open node Trasporto privatoPrivate transport
      • Open node Trasporto pubblicoPubblic transport