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  • Number of recipients of disability pensions by type of pension
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Table: Number of recipients of disability pensions by type of pension - Nord-est Detail region (Hierarchy Administrative) Year 2018.
DisabilityCompensatoryCivil disabilityWarTwo or more pensions (at least one must be a pension of disability or compensatory or civil disability or war)Total
Civil disability with attendance allowanceCivil disability without attendance allowanceAttendance allowance due to civil disabilityTotalTwo or more pensions with attendance allowanceTwo or more pensions without attendance allowancAttendance allowance for beneficiaries with two or more pensionsTotal
Trentino Alto Adige / Südtirol7.8953.4991.7697.1451.78510.6992114.47812.1818.47525.13447.438
Friuli-Venezia Giulia9.2324.2433.4516.6705.10815.2292689.32916.10422.89548.32877.300