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Chosen features
Selection of objects
Remove the object:  a.2 Persons by severity of  limitations in activities people usually do (percentage values)
a.2 Persons by severity of limitations in activities people usually do (percentage values)
Units of analysis and classifications
<unclassified data>
  • Object
    • Open node a. Persone con disabilitàa. Persons with disabilities
    • Close node b. Assistenza sanitaria e socialeb. Health and social care
      • Open node AttivitàActivities
      • Open node Posti lettoBeds
      • Open node Spesa dei Comuni per strutture, servizi e interventi Social expenditure of municipalities for facilities, services and treatments
    • Close node d. Famiglied. Households
      • Open node Caratteristiche del nucleo familiareHousehold socio-democraphic characteristics
    • Close node e. Istruzione e integrazione scolasticae. Education and scholastic integration
      • Open node Livello di istruzioneEducational level
      • Open node Ambiente scolasticoSchool environment
      • Open node Alunni con disabilitàStudents with disabilities
    • Open node f. Lavoro e occupazionef. Work and employment
    • Close node g. Saluteg. Health
      • Open node Difficoltà nelle attività domesticheDifficulty in household activities
      • Open node Difficoltà nella cura della propria personaDifficulty in personal care
      • Open node Condizioni di saluteHealth conditions
      • Open node Salute mentaleMental Health
      • Open node Limitazioni funzionali fisiche e sensorialiPhysical and sensory functional limitations
    • Open node h. Vita socialeh. Social life
    • Close node i. Trasportoi. Transport
      • Open node Trasporto privatoPrivate transport
      • Open node Trasporto pubblicoPubblic transport
    • Close node j. Infortuni sul lavoro e malattie professionalij. Accident and work-related diseases
      • Open node Incidenti sul lavoroAccidents at work
      • Open node Titolari di rendita INAILINAIL annuity holders
      • Open node Malattie professionaliOccupational diseases
    • Close node k. Protezione socialek. Social protection
      • Open node Beneficiari di pensioni di disabilitàBeneficiaries of disability pensions